We offer the all-in-one online webstore platform and contents for B2B automation and electrical distributors, including
platform, contents, and domain-expert support.


  • The one stop online solution for distributors in the Electrical and Automation Fields.
  • A world class SEO optimized "plug and play" web-store with best in class product content: descriptions, pictures and other important data, customizable with your logo and widgets.
  • Give tools for your customers to quickly and easily find you.
  • A knowlege base and quoting tool for your sales team.
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How can we help grow your business?

Let customers find what you offer and buy in 3 clicks.

What if customers could find you on Google? What if they could easily search for product keywords or SKUs and find all product specifications, data sheets and useful information?

Deliver a great buyer experience on par with B2C platforms.

Run your business online, like you're doing it offline - Specific pricing, credit terms, ERP integration.

Easy, fast and affordable. The webstore comes ready with your product data.

You do not need to painfully upload content, or manage taxonomy, categorization or search settings. We do this for you.

7 Reasons that make KYKLO different

  1. KYKLO understands the Electrical and Automation business.

    The founders of the company and nearly seventy percent of our employees have electrical industry experience.

  2. KYKLO's product data is the best in the industry.

    Not "scraped" product information. KYKLO builds the data from the ground up. The content is uniform across all of your suppliers. Our online data is often better than what the manufacturer has available on their own website.

  3. A library of parts you should have online and ready for sale.

    There are over a million SKUs already created and adding over 10,000 per week.

  4. KYKLO provides everything.

    Search Engine Optimization, a customized webstore, drill down menus and tools for product selection.

  5. Easy connection to your existing ERP business system.

    The KYKLO system was built with the right tools for easy connection to the most popular business systems used by distributors.

  6. The KYKLO solution is cloud-based and maintenance free.

    We take over the responsibility of keeping product data fresh, clean and up to date. When your suppliers add new products or changes existing ones, we update the product files and add them to your webstore.

  7. Our customer success team eliminates the need for a big IT staff.

    KYKLO can make a distributor with no IT dedicated teams a success.

How Does It Work?

  • KYKLO works on a subscription plan. This means no sunk cost.
  • The KYKLO solution is cloud-based and easily inserted into an existing website and if your website is old and in need of a change, we will give you a great deal on a brand new website. The cloud-based solution gives you great speed; important because customers are used to fast service from others (like Amazon). Extending further, the structure of the data within the cloud provides better SEO results (as measured by third party organizations) than even Amazon.
  • Better security than found on distributor servers or even leased servers. KYKLO uses the same US based cloud used by Salesforce.com. The level of security provides you with assurances your information.
  • KYKLO's low annual subscription rate is a flat rate and less than thirty percent of the cost of other options. It includes access to every product in the entire 1,200,000+ SKUs library, new features, new products added each month, data hosting and security.

The best thing is...

KYKLO has done all the work.
You can have a fully populated and working webstore in a matter of weeks rather than months.
You will be making money while others struggle to just get their data put online.
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